Data Visualisation Dashboard for Farmers

Drone enabled digital data collection, processing, analysis and decision ready products for farmers and agronomists

Make smart decision in your farm

Better use of fertiliser and pesticides

High resolution map showing plant health in different part of your field (NDVI) which will allow targeted use of fertiliser and pesticides

Better manage water stress of plants

High resolution spatial map showing canopy temperature indicating water stress of your plants which will allow you to intervene early

Find optimum location for soil sampling

Map and GPS coordinates of optimum location for soil sampling will reduce your cost and provide more useful information

Products and Services

Drone enabled data collection

Data Processing and Analysis

Visualisation Dashboard

How it works


We work with you to understand your information need


We use your existing farm data and/or collect new data of your farm using Drones and multispectral sensors 


Our advanced analytics team, comprised of agricultural scientists and data analysts, prepare easy to understand data visualisation dashboards and apps with decision ready information for you


You access detail plant health, soil and other relevant farm management information for your filed at your finger tips 

About Us

Smart Agriculture uses advanced technologies and data analytics to serve farmers and agronomists with products and services for reducing production costs and increase profitability

Smart Agriculture work with customers to develop intuitive data visualisation dashboards that suit their farming practice and business operation

Our Team

  • Dr Senani Karunaratne, PhD in Digital Agriculture
  • Dr Fahim Tonmoy, PhD in Engineering
  • Don Melaka, Software Engineer


  • Professor Jagath Edirisinghe
  • Dr David Rissik
  • Dr Rukshan Batuwita

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