Drone enabled data collection

Know more about health of plants and soil of your field, take precise, timely measures and save cost

Using drones or UAV along with multi spectral sensors we can capture highly accurate images and valuable information about soil and plants of your fields. We can cover up to hundreds of hectares in single flight.  

Data Processing And Analysis

Reduce your cost on fertiliser and pesticide

We use advanced digital agriculture data analytics, spatial analysis and machine learning techniques to create valuable decision ready information. Bring your own data or use our drone enabled data collection service


Visualisation dashboard

NDVI map

A spatial map showing variation in plant health and abiotic stress within different locations of the field. Will deliver the results through our customised web-based dash board where no prior GIS knowledge is required.  

Water stress map

A spatial map produced by UAV, multispectral sensor and analysed by our data scientists will tell you which part of your field do not have enough moisture for plants 

Optimise management zones

 It’s time to go beyond traditional boundaries! Our optimise management zone product will provide valuable information that cannot derived from traditional field boundaries within a farm. The imagery will tell you which parts of your field have performed better and vice versa in previous years. This will help you to create a profitability map so that you can put more efforts to high performing areas and also design targeted treatment for low performing areas  

Optimise the number of on-ground soil test sample

One in million questions- where to carry out soil sampling. We all know soils is highly variable. If you measure soil carbon at a given location in your farm and measure in another location 100 m away from first location most probably you might record completely different value. So our optimise soil sampling location algorithm will consider these things and decide where to sample and optimally allocate limited number of sampling locations across the land.   

 Will provide you an online dash board where user/agronomist can change the required number of samples. Derived locations will be display in a map instantly where no prior GIS knowledge is required! Users can download the generated GPS locations and insert into their GPS and carry out sampling.

Visualise time series of previous yield performance

Do you want to utilise all those farm machineries collected datasets and plug-into a simple web base user friend dash board? Then this is the right product. This product will provide intra- and inter annual variability and display in user friend GIS environment.  

 Our dash board will able to select the crop type and display time series maps just using a simple click. This will provide a snap shot of what is happening in your farm over space and time.